Mental stress of the daily tiring work exhausts an individual’s mind due to which he is unable to exert sexual energy or finds it too much difficult to prepare him mentally. Such a condition in which the man looses his ability to get an erection even upon stimulation is called as impotence or erectile dysfunction. Careful analysis of the condition and extensive research has enabled Lilly ICOS pharmaceuticals to produce Cialis, a long awaited wonder drug capable of combating impotence without producing adverse effects. The drug is unique in its family in the aspect that only small doe is required to avail the user a long duration of 36 hours of erection effectiveness. In the field of impotence revival, Cialis is the future generation drug to succeed all its predecessors.

The method by which the drug manifests its effect is by inhibition of a specific enzyme and that enzyme alone. The target enzyme of Cialis is PDE-5 which is found extensively in the penile and lung tissues. Normally, PDE-5 reduces the cGMP concentration in these tissues so that more than required vasodilatation does not occur. But in the case of impotence, there is already not enough vasodilatation occurring, blocked PDE-5 enzyme means reduced degradation of cGMP which starts accumulating upon continual sexual arousal. When sufficient quantities of cGMP have accumulated to cause high production of NO, a potent vasodilator produced from endothelial cells of the blood vessels, excess vasodilatation counter effects the manifestations of impotence and causes accumulation of blood inside the expanded penile blood vessels. This leads to help in the erection to achieve which would otherwise take a considerable duration or may not occur at all due to low cGMP concentration.

PDE-1 and PDE-6 are the other enzymes belonging to the category of PDE-5 but are not affected by Cialis, mechanisms like these ensure reduced side effects of the drug. Another specialty of the wonder drug Cialis is that its synthetic composition enables the users to take it anytime irrespective of the type and time of eating food. Safety and effectively are the two key components that are currently safeguarding the drug’s reputation in the market of erectile dysfunction treatments.

The drug is administered half an hour before sexual interaction by oral route with a rate of not more than one tablet of 5 mg, 10 mg or 20 mg per 24 hours. Physician is to be strictly consulted of you have had problems related to liver, heart, kidney, brain or blood vascular system. Possible side effects, that are supposed to faint away within couple of hours, are headache, stomach problems, indigestion, runny nose, back ache, muscle cramps and stuffy nose.

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